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"You are forever free once you know how to read."
- Frederick Douglass


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Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing

Learning Disability Testing

The Reading Clinic Inc. offers evidence-based, comprehensive, diagnostic testing for children exhibiting reading and learning deficits such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Cognitive Processing Challenges and Dyslexia, the most common reading disability. Customized learning plans include reading and cognitive therapy for all variations of Dyslexia. Individuals exhibiting characteristics of Dyslexia are typically highly intelligent and gifted, but may not respond successfully to traditional remedial and tutoring instruction in reading, comprehension, fluency, spelling, vocabulary development and writing.

Individualized Learning Plans customized through The Reading Clinic, Inc. are designed to develop and enhance skills in the following areas: phonemic awareness, phonological memory, auditory memory, visual memory, sequential memory, visual perception, visual-motor integration, eye tracking, reading comprehension, fluency and writing.

If you suspect your child is struggling, the best approach is to take immediate action.

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The First Step To Helping With Academic Challenges Is Awareness!

Reading disabilities


Reading disabilities


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