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Dr. Rahmanda Salamatú Campbell - Educational Diagnostician, Reading Clinician




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Non-Profit Organization

Delaware Code: 12790
Greater Philadelphia/
South Jersey: 50468

"You are forever free once you know how to read."
- Frederick Douglass


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Success Stories

"The intake process is thorough! We were asked several detailed questions about our son to determine the type of testing needed. This process also helped so he could be matched with a skilled Reading Clinician who could relate to the special needs of our son."
        - G. Ramos

"Three children in our family are receiving services from The Reading Clinic. All of the instructors show patience, firmness, and a concern for our children."
        - The Parthiban Family

"The Reading Clinic is committed not just to helping our son study for the PSSA but, more importantly, the director and her staff are committed to helping my son understand how he learns and how to maximize his study skills. The service is commendable, flexible, and thorough."
        - Mr. & Mrs. Thompson & Mom-Mom Thompson

"As a new, single mom, The Reading Clinic gave me a great deal of educational, even emotional and spiritual guidance for my newly adopted son. The director is extremely knowledgeable & nurturing."
        - R. Maldonado

"The girls are reading more around the house and love to play 'reading teacher'."
        - B. Chambers


Serving the Greater Philadelphia / Delaware Area      

reading disability

reading disability

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